São Paulo launches the 4th Gastronomic Route with 30 addresses

Itinerary brings together producers or restaurants from Circuito das Frutas, Águas e Flores Paulista, Bem Viver and Roteiro dos Bandeirantes

ter, 12/04/2022 - 16h09 | Do Portal do Governo

The Secretary of Tourism and Travel of the State of São Paulo launched the 4th Gastronomic Route, with flavors and culinary knowledge and products that stood out in the tourist regions Circuito das Frutas, Águas e Flores Paulista, Bem Viver and Roteiro dos Bandeirantes.

During the presentation, broadcast on the Secretariat’s Youtube channel, Carole Crema, chef of reference in confectionery and godmother of Rota, gave a class preparing a Panacota and a Fruit Coulis – strawberry and persimmon – produced in the region.

Carole recalled that the Gastronomic Routes program is an important tool for revealing and valuing regional products. “My biggest inspiration is having access to a rich repertoire, knowing what is happening in all regions. We need to show our products to the four corners of the world. This program is ideal for revealing the news”.

For the documentary on this route, 10 producers and 5 establishments were selected, from Porto Feliz, Campinas, Louveira, Lindóia, São Roque, Amparo, Americana, Santa Bárbara D’Oeste, Atibaia, Jaguariúna, Tietê, Vinhedo and Santana de Parnaíba. They tell their stories and production process. Cachaças, cheeses, grape juice, artisanal artichoke ice cream, craft beer, sausage, pamonha and guava are some of the selected products.

The Gastronomic Routes program seeks to show and promote the main producers and restaurants in various tourist regions of the state. By the end of 2022 there will be seven routes.

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