Government of SP publishes auction notice for concession of 22 regional airports

The 22 regional airports of the Southeast and Northwest blocks of the State must be managed by the private initiative from 2022

qui, 15/04/2021 - 15h23 | Do Portal do Governo

The Government of SP launches the international bidding notice for the concession of the 22 regional airports, currently managed by the State of São Paulo, with a forecast of more than R$ 447 million investments by the private sector. The airports are divided into two blocks – Northwest and Southeast – and the concession will have a 30-year term. The complete concession documentation is available on the ARTESP website and the notice is published in today’s DOE.

“Regional aviation is a major driver of economic development. With investments from the private sector, and airports offering better services, we have induced new business in logistics with distribution centers, hotel chains and other real estate assets that are incorporated into the economy of the region”, says Vice-Governor Rodrigo Garcia.

In addition to promoting the development of regional aviation, one of the great advantages of granting airports to the private sector is the exemption from the state coupled with investments in airport assets, improving the quality of services available to the population of São Paulo, as well as encouraging the development of economy linked to the sector.

“The airport concession project will have great relevance with the resumption of the economy. It will bring significant investments for each of the units and development for the regions and the State”, says the secretary of Logistics and Transport, João Octaviano Neto.

The 22 airports – six of them already have regular commercial aviation services and 13 with the potential to develop as new regular routes during the concession – are divided into two lots, submitted to the international bidding process. Together, the two groups currently handle 2.4 million passengers per year, adding departures and arrivals. Technical estimates point to significant growth in this number, considering investments and the promotion of regional aviation, with more than 8 million passengers per year over the 30 years of the concession contract.

The concession of management to the private sector includes the provision of public services for the operation, maintenance, exploration and expansion of the state airport infrastructure, which is currently under the management and operation of Daesp (São Paulo State Air Department). ARTESP becomes the regulatory agency for the concession contract.

“Even in a pandemic, the regulatory agency, with the support of the entire State Government team and specialized international consultancy, contracted with support from the IDB, conducted the project with transparency and smoothness, fulfilling all stages of the process with the holding of a hearing. virtual public consultation and conclusion of public consultation in an exemplary manner. ARTESP plays a successful and recognized role in the regulation of the Highway Concession Program and, now, it will also be strengthened in the effective performance in the airport area”, says Milton Persoli, ARTESP’s director-general.

For formatting the project’s model, the State Government also took into account the 252 contributions received from public authorities, companies and investors, representatives of civil society and class associations during the public consultation period, open from April 20 to 26 May 2020. With an international competition character and an operating term of 30 years, the contract provides for a tariff and non-tariff remuneration model, through the exploitation of ancillary revenues, such as rent of hangars or commercial activities, in the terminal, restaurants and parking, or by making investments to explore real estate, with great potential for the development of new activities and businesses around airports.

The winners of each of the lots will be the competitors that present the highest offer of fixed grants. The winning concessionaire must make mandatory investments in airports in the first phase of the concession, in the first four years. The other investments in the modernization and expansion of the infrastructure are expected over the contractual period.

Northwest Group

This lot consists of 11 units, headed by São José do Rio Preto, in addition to the commercial airports of Presidente Prudente, Araçatuba and Barretos, as well as the aerodromes of Assis, Dracena, Votuporanga, Penápolis, Tupã, Andradina, Presidente Epitácio.

In total, R$ 181.2 million are expected to be invested during the concession contract, with the amounts distributed to expand capacity, improve operation and adapt to regulation. Investments of R$ 62.3 million are planned for the first four years of operation.

Southeast Group

The lot consists of 11 units, the main one of which is Ribeirão Preto, in addition to Bauru-Arealva, Marília, Araraquara, São Carlos, Sorocaba, Franca, Guaratinguetá, Avaré-Arandu, Registro and São Manuel.

In total, R$ 266.5 million are expected to be invested during the concession contract, with the amounts distributed to expand capacity, improve operation and adapt to regulation. Investments of R $ 75.5 million are planned for the first four years of operation.

Environmental aspects

The study of the project considered different environmental aspects and there is provision for actions to regulate and environmental licensing of all airports individually, seeking to mitigate any socio-environmental risks. There is specific documentation detailing all the measures to be taken by the concessionaire.


National or foreign companies, consortia, financial institutions and investment funds may participate in the bidding process. And, in addition to presenting the largest proposal for a fixed grant, the winner will have to prove technical qualification in airport management, either from the company or consortium itself, or from people on its team or even through qualified subcontracting.

The minimum grant foreseen for the Northwest Block is R$ 6.8 million and for the Southeast Block it is R$ 13.2 million. The auction is scheduled to be held at the headquarters of B3, in São Paulo, on July 15, 2021.