SP government launches economic growth plan until 2040

Main objective is to promote an increase in São Paulo's GDP by 4% per year to expand employment and income generation

sex, 25/03/2022 - 18h17 | Do Portal do Governo

Governor João Doria announced this Friday (25) the launch of an economic plan with strategic actions to ensure sustainable growth until 2040. The Economic Development Plan (PDE) aims to promote the growth of São Paulo’s GDP by 4% per year and generate more employment and income opportunities for the population, with policies to combat inequalities and to promote technology and innovation.

“This is a government that does not think within its term limits. Since the beginning, the Government of the State of São Paulo has thought and carried out long-term actions”, declared Doria. “Responsible management is committed management that knows how to look beyond its own horizon of action”, he added.

The PDE was elaborated from two complementary instruments: an economic-mathematical methodology capable of carrying out multisectoral and interregional analyzes and a participatory process, in which the population of the state could give an opinion on the development of São Paulo for the next 20 years.

By 2040, the plan is intended to promote major socio-economic and socio-environmental changes and transformations, in addition to those that the State has been developing since 2019.

Maintaining a constant connection with the private sector, São Paulo has attracted significant investment: more than BRL 208 billion, an amount 22% higher than the previous three-year period (2016-2018), even with the global recession and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Considered the biggest job generator in the country, São Paulo created one out of every three jobs in Brazil in 2021 and opened 225,300 vacancies for professional training courses through programs such as Via Rapida, SP Tech and São Paulo Criativo, in partnership with Centro Paula Souza, Senac and Univesp.

São Paulo also concluded 12 concessions and Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs), injecting more than R$45 billion in new investments into the state’s economy.

“The Economic Development Plan is a legacy for the future of our state. Governor João Doria is the first to make such a complete plan with a look at sustainability, inequalities, technology and innovation. The methodology is ambitious, with a growth of 4% per year until 2040”, highlighted the Secretary of Economic Development, Patricia Ellen.