Government of SP ends business mission in NY and announces schedule in China in March

The main objective is to attract new international investments to the state and expand the privatization plan and state concessions

sáb, 04/12/2021 - 20h55 | Do Portal do Governo

Governor João Doria made a positive assessment at the end of the business mission in New York this Saturday (4) and announced a similar agenda in China in March 2022. The main objective is to attract new private investments to São Paulo and partners for the plan of privatizations and state concessions.

“We had 26 entrepreneurs participating in this mission in New York. Next year, we will have another three. In March, in China, where we already have an office, then in May we’ll be in New York again and, in July, we’ll go on a roadshow through Europe, passing through Germany, France and Spain”, announced Doria.

“Over these three years, the generation of international business has totaled US$ 4.25 billion, led by privatization, PPPs [Public-Private Partnerships] and concessions, in addition to direct private investments,” he added. Until 2024, the perspective of the Government of São Paulo is to attract another US$ 6 billion with privatization.

State authorities and Brazilian businessmen participated in 14 meetings with US investors and executives in recent days. The initiative narrowed the exchange between São Paulo entrepreneurship and the US market and expanded the internationalization of the state economy.

For the Secretary of Finance and Planning Henrique Meirelles, the agenda in New York was decisive in aligning the economic interests of São Paulo with new international opportunities.

“We had a very important return from the big investment funds and investors in general in relation to the state. In São Paulo, they see sectors that are very attractive and that are growing a lot, such as technology and communications”, said Meirelles.

During the mission, the State Government opened a commercial office in North America. The operation of the new representation begins next Monday (4), under the responsibility of InvestSP, the São Paulo Agency for Promotion of Investments and Competitiveness.

The Government of São Paulo also has operations in Shanghai (China), Dubai (United Arab Emirates) and Munich (Germany). With the inclusion of the USA, the state support network for the internationalization of São Paulo companies now covers practically the whole world, with operations in North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and North Africa.