Secretariat of Tourism will map the LGBT destinations of São Paulo

Initiative will mark the 20 years of the state law to punish discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity

ter, 24/11/2020 - 16h48 | Do Portal do Governo

In 2021 the Secretariat of Tourism (Setur SP) will map the state’s LGBT friendly destinations. The action will mark the 20-year State Law No. 10,948, which administratively punishes discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

The Secretariat of Justice and Citizenship of the State of São Paulo and the LGBT Chamber of Commerce and Tourism of Brazil will also participate – Setur SP and the Chamber signed a protocol of intentions in 2019.

Enacted in 2001, Law No. 10,948 is a milestone in São Paulo’s pioneering spirit in the creation of public policies to combat LBGTphobia. In 2009 the State created the Policy Coordination for Sexual Diversity (CPDS).

With the mapping, the Secretariat of Tourism will create promotional material, such as scripts, brochures and website, in addition to publicizing national and international events. According to the World Tourism Organization, the LBGT public makes 150 million international trips annually (10% of the total), handling US$ 180 billion (15% of the sector’s revenue).

According to research by Out Leadership, an international association of companies that develops initiatives for the gay public, Brazil is the second largest market for this segment, with revenues of US$ 26.8 billion, behind the leader United States, with US$ 63,1 billion.