Poupatempo is once again elected the best public service by Datafolha

Annual survey by Prodesp points to almost 100% population satisfaction

seg, 02/05/2022 - 11h16 | Do Portal do Governo

Poupatempo was elected by Datafolha as “Best Public Service in SP”. Managed by Prodesp, the most successful program of the Government of the State of São Paulo won the laurel by receiving 12% of mentions in the survey. This is the eighth time that Poupatempo is recognized by the population.

To reward the brands and activities most cited by the study participants, Datafolha considered factors such as service quality, customer service, location and advertising, among others.

“This recognition is a reason for immense joy. It enhances our strategy during this administration, which is reflected in the approval rates measured by public opinion polls”, says the president of Prodesp, André Arruda. “In addition to the already established face-to-face service, Poupatempo’s undeniable standard of efficiency and quality, we have also taken the offer of digital services to a new level”, adds the president.

The face-to-face service teams are one of the Program’s great differentials and are directly responsible for the high rate achieved in public opinion polls: they reflect service with agility, efficiency and courtesy. “The award crowns all our work and encourages us to increasingly improve the provision of service, assistance, and to constantly invest in qualification, training, process improvement and new technologies”, emphasizes the director of Poupatempo, Murilo Macedo.

Annual survey

In a recent annual survey of satisfaction with the services offered by Poupatempo and commissioned by Prodesp, the Program reached 98.38% approval by the population. Respondents also received high consideration for the speed of service (98.89%); the organization of the physical space of the units (98.16%); the security of the posts (98.33%); and the services provided by the staff at the posts related to guidance and information (98.36%). By agencies, the best evaluated for the service provided by Poupatempo were those of Detran.SP and the Institute of Criminal Identification (IIRGD), also responsible for issuing ID cards.

The survey, conducted by Censere Market Research, was carried out in December 2021 – with 8,200 personal interviews, 100 per post. “Dear to the population, Poupatempo is an initiative that respects the community; it is made of people to help people”, emphasizes Macedo.


For this year 2022, the Poupatempo Expansion Plan – linked to the São Paulo State Government Secretariat – will receive more than R$ 45 million between investment and funding. The network should gain 100 new stations in over 100 São Paulo municipalities that still do not offer service, totaling around 200 fully functioning units.

This contribution is added to that destined for the 2019-2021 triennium, when the Program received R$ 22.3 million in transfers. In that period, there was an expansion of Poupatempo through more compact units, including for smaller cities and integrated to Detran.SP. All in partnership with the municipalities.

Poupatempo Program

Successively consecrated in recent years as the best public service in São Paulo in Datafolha research, Poupatempo’s digital services jumped from seven to 204 available on the portal (www.poupatempo.sp.gov.br), Poupatempo Digital app, totems of self-service and in the recently inaugurated 100% digital units of CREA, in the capital and in the center of Campinas, in the countryside. By the end of this year, the number of digital services is expected to reach more than 240.

The constant challenge of the Government of SP has been to anticipate the needs of the population, with services that offer autonomy to users and 100% digital solutions. All this combining the already recognized standard of quality and excellence, trademarks of Poupatempo’s face-to-face service.