SP presents unprecedented PPA, guided by data and optimization of goals until 2027

Proposal sent to the Legislative Assembly brings together guidelines and programs for the 2024-2027 quadrennium

qua, 16/08/2023 - 13h07 | Do Portal do Governo

The Government of São Paulo forwarded this Tuesday (15) the PPA 2024-2027 to the Legislative Assembly. The Pluriannual Plan brings together guidelines, strategic objectives and government programs with resources, indicators and targets for the next quadrennium.

Under the leadership of Governor Tarcísio de Freitas, the Pluriannual Plan has an unprecedented format this year, prioritizing data-driven management and goal optimization. It is based on the premise of the zero-based PPA, with regionalized sectoral diagnosis and analyzes that allowed the identification of new challenges and opportunities, the improvement of successful programs and the creation of new actions.

“We made a diagnosis of each region of São Paulo to find out the real situation of the programs, how they serve the population and what their needs are. We are looking ahead, building public policies that lead to development and dignity and that are aligned with the management’s priority goals and the aspirations of our society”, says the governor.

The Civil House and Finance and Planning Secretariats coordinated the elaboration of the proposal, with the participation of the State Secretaries and also the population, through 18 public hearings held throughout 2023 in all administrative and metropolitan regions of São Paulo.

From this collective work, the new PPA contains 12 Strategic Objectives that represent social transformation through the execution of state programs until 2027. The proposals reflect management commitments and aim to reduce social vulnerability; the strengthening of entrepreneurship and the competitiveness of the productive sector; and the modernization of fiscal and tax policy (see the complete list below).

The new modeling of the PPA also enabled the elimination of duplicated and overlapping actions and the search for complementarity and sectoral integration, fundamental to the maximization of the effectiveness and efficiency of public policies.

“The latest administrations were based on previously existing actions and programs that received occasional adjustments from the State Secretariats. We start from another premise. In other words, we started from a ‘blank slate’ in which we built new programs, products and actions to meet society’s demands and promote state development. The structure of this PPA reflects the characteristics of the management led by Governor Tarcísio by integrating planning, technique, purpose and innovation”, emphasizes the chief secretary of the Civil House, Arthur Lima.

Among the pioneering initiatives are the Integra Tietê program, focused on integrated care for the largest river in São Paulo, actions for universal sanitation and environmental protection; and the São Paulo Olímpico, aimed at developing talent from the school stage.

“The PPA expresses the government’s priorities and lists the strategic objectives, facilitating society’s monitoring, having been prepared according to the best international practices and based on the budget for results”, highlights Samuel Kinoshita, Secretary of Finance and Planning. “It is a piece built in a serious and thoughtful way, which will base the State’s planning actions”, he adds.

Among the priorities of the current management, professional qualification and insertion in the labor market, contemplating the economically active population, in addition to the vulnerable population; promotion of public policies for women; and expansion of the fight against organized crime.

There are also actions focused on strategic areas, such as expanding health telecare to different areas and levels of complexity; integrated plan for Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD); credit and subsidy for sustainable rural development; promotion of foreign trade; implementation and extension of train and subway lines; energy transition; and technological modernization of public services, among others.

Another innovative measure is the possibility of revising the PPA over the four-year period, aiming to ensure the evolution of actions and the fulfillment of goals. The mechanism proposed by the State Government will make it possible to change, include or exclude indicators; merge or spin off programs; and changing goals as long as they do not change the program’s objective and target audience, aiming at defining assertive routes to reach goals through management guided by evaluations and the search for results. The inclusion or exclusion of programs and their attributes that change the global values ​​of the programs will be proposed through bills of the annual budgets.

The monitoring of the PPA 2024-2027 by the population can be done on the website: http://planejamento.sp.gov.br/ppa/#prestando.

Strategic guidelines

The construction and execution of the programs are supported by the guidelines of this management: dialogue and innovation for a decentralized, innovative and technological public administration, aimed at quick and non-bureaucratic service; dignity and commitment to social participation, balancing public accounts, valuing people, meeting deadlines, developing actions that generate economic and social results and environmental sustainability; development and technique for implementing a management model with an emphasis on results, planning, purpose and creativity, focused on caring for people, creating opportunities, guaranteeing individual and collective rights and respect for the environment.