SP reaches 100% vaccination coverage against COVID-19 in elderly over 65 years old

Unpublished data from the State Immunization Plan still shows adhesion above 93% in the 60 to 64 age group; campaign goal is 90%

qua, 15/09/2021 - 15h04 | Do Portal do Governo

Governor João Doria announced that the State of São Paulo exceeded the goal of vaccination against COVID-19 among all elderly people over 60 years old with a complete immunization scheme, protecting more than 7.3 million people. In the population over 65 years of age, 100% vaccination coverage was achieved in all stratifications. In the 60-64 range, the percentage was 93.5%, also above the campaign’s defined goal, which is at least 90% of the target audiences.

“We won this fight so that people could be aware that it was essential to be vaccinated to be protected in their lives. Right now we are celebrating this. This is an extraordinary percentage of adhesion”, said Doria.

These groups were among the first to be contemplated in the campaign and started their vaccination schedules predominantly between February and April (the schedule by age group is available at: https://vacinaja.sp.gov.br/).

Of the 7.3 million elderly people vaccinated, 3.93 million are between 60 and 69 years old; 2.27 million between 70 and 79; 924.9 mil from 80 to 85; and 207.3 thousand over 90 years of age.

“The goal, by the Social Health Organization (WHO), is 90%, but in the population aged 65 to 90 years or more, we have reached more than 100% of this goal. Showing that the population believes in the vaccine, trusts the vaccine and knows that the best way to go through this pandemic is to be vaccinated”, said Regiane de Paula, General Coordinator of the State Immunization Plan (PEI) of SP.

During the entire campaign, which started in January 2021, SP has already administered more than 57.97 million doses. The number adds up to 35.92 million first dose applications, 20.79 million second and 1.15 million single dose, in addition to 111.6 thousand booster doses.

With the mobilization of 645 cities, 97.38% of the adult population of SP has already received at least one dose of the vaccine and 61.75% of people over the age of 18 years already have a complete vaccination schedule. Data are available and updated in real time on the Vacinometer on the SP Government website.

The result comes from the work of the Government of São Paulo in logistics, planning and carrying out various campaigns to encourage vaccination, and the 645 municipalities, which work tirelessly to apply doses to the population. The state continues in action to complete the goal in other groups already covered in the campaign.

Additional dose

The strategy aims to reach all people aged 60 and over who have taken the second dose at least six months ago. In addition, immunosuppressed individuals aged 18 years and over will also be immunized. The two audiences of this phase add up to 1 million people.

To organize the network, the calendar was scaled by age groups and prioritizing the oldest. This first phase dedicated to strengthening protection against COVID-19 began on September 6th, covering seniors over 90 years of age. On Monday (13), until the 19th, it is the turn of the age group from 85 to 89 years old. Between days 20 and 26, doses will be available for those aged 80 to 84 years.

Also included in this period are immunosuppressed adults, such as patients undergoing hemodialysis, chemotherapy, AIDS, transplant patients, among other people with a high degree of immunosuppression. In this case, the additional dose will be applied at least 28 days after the date of completion of the vaccination schedule, either by the second dose (Coronavac, Astrazeneca or Pfizer) or by a single dose (Janssen).

From the 27th to the 3rd of October, people aged between 70 and 79 will be covered. Completing this phase in the month of October, elderly people aged 60 to 69 will be reached between the 4th and 10th.

In total there are 7.3 million people who took their vaccines at different times in the campaign and will receive their additional doses when they complete the minimum time intervals after the second dose or completion of the vaccination schedule – at least six months for those who are 60 years old or more, and at least 28 days for adults with immunosuppression.

São Paulo’s decision to include the group aged 60 to 69 years was based on a recommendation by the Scientific Committee, after analysis of works and experiences around the world of pandemic indicators, especially among the elderly, who are still among the main fatal victims of COVID-19.

As directed by the State Plan for Immunization (PEI) and the Scientific Committee of the State of São Paulo, municipalities must apply the immunizing agent that is available at the health posts also for the application of the additional dose, as all vaccines in use in Brazil are safe and effective.