São Paulo’s Communications department is awarded for its actions during the pandemic

Government State Secretariat won Public Utility Campaign and Case of the Year awards in the 2020 edition of the Jatobá Trophy

sáb, 05/12/2020 - 14h33 | Do Portal do Governo

The Secretariat of Communication of the Government of São Paulo was awarded twice in the 2020 edition of the Jatobá Trophy, which evaluates highlights of excellence and innovation in communication and public relations across the country. The department work during the pandemic won for Best Public Utility Campaign and Case of the Year among public administration bodies.

“We are fully involved in the largest and longest public communication action ever carried out in the country. Recognition of this effort motivates us to work more and more and better. The dialogue between the Government of São Paulo and society will continue, especially now that we are close to the arrival of a vaccine against coronavirus”, said the Secretary of Communication, Cleber Mata, after the announcement of the winners last Wednesday (2).

Since the end of February, the actions of the Communication Department during the coronavirus crisis have had the main objective of bringing official information in an agile, efficient and transparent way to a population of 46 million inhabitants in the 645 municipalities of São Paulo. In addition to mobilizing society and the press, the department sought to avoid alarmism fueled by fake news and rumors disseminated on social networks and messaging platforms.

The main axes of work involve daily collective interviews, awareness campaigns and production of reliable content for dissemination on official websites and channels of the State Government on the internet. At the same time, the Secretariat for Communication also promoted actions to honor health professionals and encouraged direct access by citizens to information, services and public studies on different online platforms.

Public communication in São Paulo was also conducted to engage the population in adopting new habits and routines during the health crisis. Awareness raising through interviews and media campaigns strengthened the participation of society in collective and necessary measures of social distance, personal hygiene and mandatory use of masks.

“This communication effort allowed the success of measures implemented by the State Government on several fronts, mainly the expansion of the service capacity in the health network and the São Paulo Plan for flexibility in economic activity and regionalized control of the pandemic”, concluded the Secretary of communication.