In the first vaccination cycle, Project S immunizes more than 97% of volunteers

Of the 28,380 clinical research volunteers, 27,619 were immunized

ter, 16/03/2021 - 18h08 | Do Portal do Governo

This Sunday (14), the application of the first dose of the Butantan vaccine to the adult population of the city of Serrana was completed. In total, 97.3% of those enrolled in the clinical study were vaccinated. The Blue Group, the last to be immunized, had 100% adherence by the participants. There were 8,329 residents in the group as a whole. The other areas, green, yellow and gray, had, respectively, 95.6%, 96.4% and 95.7% of participation.

Of the 28,380 volunteers in the clinical trial, 27,619 were immunized. The difference between registered and vaccinated inhabitants may correspond to populations that were unable to participate in the study, such as pregnant women, nursing mothers and patients with comorbidities, or include residents who were unable to attend schools in the given period.

According to Natasha Nicos Ferreira, an infectious disease physician and one of the researchers at Projeto S, the adherence achieved excellent results. “For collective immunity, we need a high percentage of people vaccinated. In the case of Covid-19, no one knows exactly what it is. For some diseases, having 60% of people immunized is sufficient. For others it needs 80 or 90%”.

“We will observe over time, but, most likely, more than 80% of the vaccinated population will be sufficient to achieve collective immunity and control the pandemic in the municipality”, adds the doctor.

On Wednesday of this week (17), the second cycle of the research begins, with the application of the second dose of CoronaVac, following the same order defined in a draw for the previous cycle: green, yellow, gray and blue groups. Vaccination of the green area runs until Sunday (21). The hours remain the same: from 2 pm to 8:30 pm from Wednesday to Friday, and from 8 am to 3:30 pm on Saturday and Sunday.

It is important to remember that volunteers should be vaccinated at the same school where they received the first dose of the immunizer. There are eight vaccination points: the EEs Jardim das Rosas, Neuza Maria do Bem and Deputy José Costa, and the EMEFs Professor Maria Celina Walter de Assis, Paulo Sérgio Gualtieri Betarello, Edesio Monteiro de Oliveira, Jardim Pedro I and Professor Dilce Jorge Gonçalves Netto France.

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