Government of SP starts vaccination against coronavirus on January 25

First phase prioritizes health professionals and people aged 60 or over; 4 million doses will be reserved for other states

ter, 08/12/2020 - 7h35 | Do Portal do Governo

Governor João Doria launched on Monday (7) the State Immunization Plan against the coronavirus. The campaign will start on January 25, with priority for health professionals, people aged 60 and over, and indigenous and quilombola groups in the first stage. São Paulo will also make available 4 million doses of vaccine from the Butantan Institute to other states.

“The vaccine will be free for everyone in the public health system in the state of São Paulo,” said the Governor. “We are not turning our backs on the National Immunization Plan, but we need to be more agile and, therefore, we are anticipating. We are all in favor of life and all vaccines”, added Doria.

The forecast is that 9 million people will be immunized in the first stage, with the application of 18 million doses. The priority target audience includes workers on the front line to combat COVID-19, indigenous and quilombolas and also the age group with the highest lethality rate due to COVID-19 – 77% of deaths caused by the coronavirus so far are people with more 60 years.

The campaign will be coordinated by the State Department of Health and implemented in partnership with the 645 city halls of São Paulo. The goal is to double the total vaccination posts from the current 5.2 thousand to up to 10 thousand locations.

The State Government will propose to the municipalities the adoption of special rules for vaccination in pharmacies, Military Police barracks, schools, bus terminals and driving stations in a drive-thru system. The objective is to guarantee the safety of the population and avoid agglomerations in the immunization sites.

The estimate is that the public security and logistics scheme for the State Immunization Plan will involve around 79 thousand professionals, with 54 thousand workers in the health sector and 25 thousand security agents, including military police and municipal civil guards.

The schedule stipulates five vaccination steps from the beginning of the campaign (check the dates below). By the end of March, the Government of São Paulo estimates that almost 20% of the 46 million inhabitants of the state are immunized with two doses of CoronaVac and has the rapid approval of the Butantan vaccine by Anvisa (National Health Surveillance Agency).

CoronaVac is developed in an international partnership between the Butantan Institute and biopharmaceutical Sinovac Biotech. The result of phase 3 with the immunization efficacy index is expected to be released next week.

Clinical studies have already shown that 94.7% of the volunteers had no adverse event. Of those who had some reaction, 99.7% reported symptoms of low severity, such as pain at the injection site and mild headache. An article published in the scientific journal The Lancet pointed out that the Butantan vaccine produced an immune response in 97% of study participants.


– January 25 to March 28

– 9 weeks duration

– 18 million doses

– Two applications per person, with an interval of 21 days between the first and the second dose

Vaccination schedule:

Dose 1

01/25 Health professionals, indigenous and quilombolas

2/8 People aged 75 and over

02/15 People aged 70 to 74

02/22 People aged 65 to 69

01/03 People aged 60 to 64

Dose 2

02/15 Health professionals, indigenous and quilombolas

01/03 People aged 75 and over

08/03 People aged 70 to 74

15/03 People aged 65 to 69

22/03 People aged 60 to 64