Parque Villa Lobos

Sergio Andrade Parque Villa-Lobos

Parque Villa-Lobos

Located between the avenues Nações Unidas and Fonseca Rodrigues, next to Marginal Pinheiros and Ceagesp, Parque Villa Lobos stretches out over an area of 732,000 square meters, 350,000 of which open to the public. The area planted with trees encompasses 140,000 square meters, and 160,000 square meters are planted with lawn and gardens.

On weekdays, the park is visited by approximately 3,000 people and on weekends, this number reaches 20,000 people. Most of these visitors go there to use the 3,000-meter running track and the 1,650-meter bike track.

Villa Lobos also offers a playground, four soccer fields and a sand based soccer pitch, two volleyball courts, two multi sport courts, a basketball court, a soccer indoor court and seven tennis courts, four street basketball tables and 16 gymnastic devices, aside from an amphitheatre with capacity for 450 people, two rooms for events, 29 kiosks, a snack bar and a parking lot with a capacity for 750 cars.

The park is located on a flat area, reason why it is an excellent option for disabled people, including wheelchair users.

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Parque Villa Lobos
Av. Professor Fonseca Rodrigues, 2001 - Alto de Pinheiros -
CEP 05461-010
São Paulo - SP
Fone: (0xx11) 3023-0316 / 3023-2229

Parque Villa-Lobos